22-23 May 2024 The Second International Conference :
Sustainable Development Research and Aviation

Al Noor University College in collaboration with

CQU (Australia), Aviation Australia (Australia), UMPSA (Malaysia), UNITEN (Malaysia) & Enhance Track (Malaysia)

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The Conference aim

The objective of the 2nd Congress on Sustainability and Aviation is to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and stakeholders from around the world to exchange information and examine the most recent advancements and challenges in the field of sustainability, with a case study on Aviation. Al Noor University College, in partnership with Aviation Australia (AA), Central Queensland University (CQU), Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA), and University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), will spend two days debating and proposing solutions for the most pressing issues in the area of Aviation and Sustainability. The congress will cover sweet variety of topics based on the major difficulties faced by the aviation and sustainability industries. In addition, participants will collectively generate and suggest viable solutions to these difficulties.

This one-of-a-kind meeting, to be hosted will serve as an interactive platform for exploring real-world problems. A few noteworthy Mousil examples will be deconstructed, researched, and discussed in this context. This will not only give vital insights into the local context, but will also foster an atmosphere favourable to learning and sharing information across various geographical backgrounds and experiences.The congress is scheduled for two days, during which a variety of topics based on the major difficulties faced by the aviation and sustainability industries are scheduled. The participants will collectively generate and suggest viable solutions to these difficulties. Our main objective is to analyze global successes and failures in sustainable energy development and implementation in differen fileds, with a focus on shaping Iraq’s approach to renewable energy and Aviation industty, specifically in Mosul. Considering the unique geopolitical, economic, and environmental context, we aim to identify opportunities and benefits in establishing and supporting sustainable energy sources for Mosul and Iraq.

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Keynote Speaker

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Join us at The Congress as we delve into crucial discussions on the following topics!  From sustainability to innovation, we’re ready to explore new ideas and shape a brighter future together

The Congress intends to discuss the followings:

  • Renewable energy resources in Iraq and Mousil.
  • The components and future of global energy security.
  • Effects of global energy security on international economic relations.
  • The relationships of international legislation in the field of energy with energy security.
  • The effect of geopolitics on the international energy security.
  • Future of fossil energy in the World.
  • Role of OPEC in achieving global energy security for its members.
  • Role of circular carbon economy in mitigating climate change.
  • Impact of clean energy on the environment.
  • Industry of gas and its role in the investment of natural gas.
  • Harnessing Drone Technology for Improved Aviation Efficiency
  • The importance of energy transition in achieving sustainability in Iraq.
  • The current and future status of renewable energy in Iraq.
  • The economic cost of switching to clean energy in Iraq.
  • Regulatory Influences on Sustainability
  • Navigating Challenges of Sustainability and Technological Advancements in Sustainable Aviation
  • Sustainable Waste Management
  • Exploring Biofuels in Sustainable Aviation
  • Innovations in Eco-Friendly Airport design
  • Energy Efficiency Measures in Aviation
  • Socio-Economic Impacts of Sustainable Aviation
  • Integrating Drones into the Future of Sustainable Air Traffic Management
  • The Future of Drones in Green and Sustainable Aviation
  • Impact of Drones on Emissions in the Aviation Sector 
  • Sustainable Aviation in Post-Conflict Zones: A Mosul Case Study
  • Aviation 4.0: Revolutionizing Sustainability in Aviation
  • Aviation 4.0 Technologies and Their Role in Aviation Carbon Reduction
  • Digital Transformation and Sustainability in Aviation: An Industry 4.0 Perspective
  • The Role of Industry 4.0 in Advancing Sustainable Business Models in Aviation
  • The Role of Airlines and Airport in Promoting Sustainable Aviation
  • Adapting Sustainable Business Models in the Aviation Industry
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF): Opportunities and Challenges
  • “Electric Aircraft: The Future of Sustainable Aviation?”
  • Infrastructure Adaptation for Sustainable Aviation
  • Drone Technology and Its Implications for Sustainable Aviation

The Theme of the Congress

Revolutionizing the Skies: Sustainable Aviation’s Future in the Age of Industry 4.0 and Drone Technologies

Sustainability is a critically important topic across various fields and industries today. The sustainability in aviation industry, being a significant sector, which will be one of the main key focus in this congress. Embracing sustainability is essential for businesses to thrive and succeed. Iraq, with its abundant natural resources and solar availability, has the potential to become a regional leader in sustainability, making it crucial for the country to adopt and promote sustainable practices.

The topic “Revolutionizing the Skies: Sustainable Aviation’s Future in the Era of Industry 4.0 and Drone Technology” embodies the congress’s forward-looking outlook. It alludes to a future in which technological breakthroughs, especially in regard to Aviation 4.0 and drone technology, are used to modify and improve the aviation industry’s sustainability. “Revolutionizing the Skies” implies a radical shift in how we see and do business in the aviation industry, emphasising innovation and transformation for sustainable development. The potential of these technical breakthroughs to support more environmentally-friendly behaviours and lower the aviation industry’s carbon footprint is investigated in this article. This might lead to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

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